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A fabulous autumn family session

This was a great day! Wonderful light, wonderful location, wonderful family! Amber was visiting from college, Ethan is a soccer-playing 9-year old, and the sweet twins Paige and Riley were such fun to work with!

Family portrait in woods on gravel roadJackson, TN photographer family fall portraitautumn senior portrait Jackson TN photographer autumn twin girl portrait Jackson TN photographer autumn boy portrait Jackson TN photographer


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Beautiful Hope

I absolutely loved this session with the lovely Hope!  She is so much fun, and was totally willing to stand in a stained-glass church window ledge for me!  Also, we both decided that we don’t know what we’re going to be when we grow up.:)

I wish Hope all the best for her upcoming senior year!



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Beautiful Alexandra

I traveled to Rome, Georgia for this shoot, and I was SO glad I did. Alexandra is beautiful, sweet, and intelligent. She is a rising senior with her sights set on college and something science-related (geology, genetics, physics, etc.) Brains and beauty! Also, she is a very talented ballet dancer and singer. Some people get all the luck!

We had fun exploring Rome, where I had never visited previously. It has rivers running through it and amazing architecture. What fun!

girl-standing-under-bridgegirl-sitting-under-graffiti senior-girl-by-treesenior-in-forestgirl-sitting-on-stepssmiling-senior-portraitgirl-with-clock-tower-Rome-GAsunset-senior-portraitgirl-in-doorwaygirl-standing-on-sidewalk-by-stone-buildingSenior portrait by stone wall

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Five Cousins

I had a wonderful time photographing these cousins on a beautiful summer evening! Their goal was to have a large canvas to give to their grandparents on their fiftieth wedding anniversary. What a perfect, fitting gift!

Baby Caroline was only one month old, which presented some difficulty as I needed at least one good shot with all the children looking at the camera in a traditional pose. It is very, very difficult to get a newborn to look where you want it to, especially with four other children looking in all directions as well! But we got the shot we needed and it turned out beautifully.





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“The Red Shoes”, from “East of the Sun and West of the Moon”

“East of the Sun and West of the Moon” – “The Red Shoes”

Ok, so I guess these images are like my children. Or books, or movies, or composers.  I really don’t have a favorite.  But I do LOVE this image.  Jasmyne was my model for this. She is a senior company dancer with Ballet Arts and was in the middle of rehearsals for “The Nutcracker”, in which she portrayed the Snow Queen. I had already talked with her about being my model for this image, but she was not prepared for my call one dark winter afternoon at about 5:00, asking if she could meet me downtown NOW before it got dark! I told her we would be taking the pictures in the cemetery, a change of plan. I had already driven past Ridgecrest Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Jackson, twice that day while shuttling my kids to school and back. (I love the stone gate at the entrance, which says “Here Sleep the Founders of Jackson”). I had noticed how beautiful the snow was there, piling up around the old gravestones, and I suddenly had the idea to try to get the Red Shoes image done before the snow went away.

So during her dinner break from rehearsal, Jasmyne met me at my studio and I gave her a black dress to wear. We went to the cemetery and she put her pointe shoes on in the car. (No they weren’t actually red – she didn’t have a red pair handy! The famous Red Shoes were the only thing I added to this picture in post-processing.)  By the time we got there the sun had already set and it was blowing snow like crazy. Jasmyne was great, never even said she was cold even though I knew she was freezing!  It was almost dark when I took this picture. Yay for fast lenses and wonderful dancers!

This story has always fascinated me. Many of you may have seen one of several movie versions of this creepy, instructive tale about how children should not be greedy and want for material things. CREEPY. Luckily I was not moved to illustrate the part of this story where the dancer’s feet have to be cut off so that she can stop dancing. Wow, children’s literature has changed.

On a brighter note, Jasmyne even made it back to rehearsal on time!

Girl dancing with Red Shoes, Jackson TN Ridgecrest Cemetery

Quote from "The Red Shoes" by Hans Christian Anderson

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